I’ve Said it Before and I’ll Say it Again: I Hate American Culture

I saw a very disturbing article one what I think was AOL recently. Basically, it was about all of these former teenage heartthrobs that have let themselves go. A couple of them were almost valid, as they mentioned drug and alcohol addictions that speak to a certain level of indifference about their appearance. But one of the people, I kid you not, was Leonardo DiCaprio.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Seriously, that has to be a joke. Right? I mean come on! That man is gorgeous! (Sorry Mike!) The writer of the article, whose name escapes me, basically said he has fat cheeks. Fat. Cheeks. I’m sorry, but if I still look like the female equivalent of that at 37, it will be a miracle. I just can’t even believe anyone could look at that face and say he has let himself go.

I think this all really speaks to the incredibly unattainable standards society holds us to. I understand he’s a public figure, and as such is held to slightly higher standards, but that is just plain ridiculous. Until people start realizing that, I have some seriously pessimistic thoughts about the future of our country.

And you guys thought I was mad about the Mischa Barton thing…


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