I Need to Stop Going Out to Eat

I have a serious weakness for restaurants. Fast food. Anything made by someone in a kitchen that’s not in a house and who isn’t related to me. It’s easy, it’s fast (sometimes), and darn it all, it’s good! Why, oh why oh why can’t restaurants help us out a little bit here?

Unfortunately, a majority of that stuff is just plain bad for you. Let’s face it, you’re better off eating a mcnugget from McDonald’s than you are eating a salad at Panera. It’s really just ridiculous.

McNuggets vs. Panera Salad

The BF and I eat a heinous amount of fast food. I will say that he’s a worse offender than I, but I still eat my fair share. And part of his share, too. I just have a very hard time saying no to Wendy’s. At least their fries are all natural? I know I’m not alone out there! Maybe I’ll make my New Year’s resolution to only eat out once a month.

…Okay yeah, not going to happen. But I’m still trying to make an effort to stop eating the stuff. At least not as much as I have been.

Has anyone out there successfully cut fast food out of their lives?

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