The Skinny Boyfriend

I realized recently that this blog was supposed to be about my relationship with my skinny boyfriend, and I really haven’t talked about that at all. Shame on me, I’ve been selfish in only talking about my personal weight problems without him in the equation! We need to fix this. Stat.

Let me start out by saying I love my boyfriend. We’ve been together for over three years now, and it’s been fantastic. Fantastic despite the scary fifteen pounts that have come and gone over the course of our relationship. I’m not saying I blame him for the love handles — he’s just not exactly helping the situation.

Allow me to explain. On a typical Monday or Wednesday night, we commute home together after school (I’m a baby, my mom is crazy, I’m not allowed in the T garage after dark). I appreciate the fact that we get to see each other, because with our class schedules and homework and internships and everything else, it can be difficult sometimes to find the time. The only problem is, when we are together, I lose all self control when it comes to food.

When I’m by myself, I usually don’t eat after dinner. I’ll have my sensible meal around 6:30 or 7, maybe indulge in a cookie or candy, and that’s it. I don’t even think about food. When I’m with the BF, however, all that sensibility disappears. You see, he and I operate on completely different eating schedules. I like breakfast, and always eat something before 10. He can’t eat anything before at least noon. You see where this is going? He eats his three meals, but they time themselves out at like 12:30, 7 and around midnight. I eat my normal three meals at around 10, 2 and 7. Again, on days when we don’t see each other this wouldn’t matter. But when we’re sitting on the couch together and he’s having his 11:30 dinner of Taco Bell and Wendy’s (yes, that happened), I can’t help but join him.

So, I essentially end up eating four meals to his three. Maybe that’s how he stays so skinny? It seems like he’s eating more in the day, but when you think about it, he’s really not.


How many girls out there face a similar problem with their SB?

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  1. I do!!! ive had E.D.’s for over 11 years now. sigh.. Ive been with him for over 4 years and the exact same thing happens when im with him all day. – I have my own place so when im alone im way more disciplined and focused, and hes also a skinny bf, im – again, ok, but always battling with my disorders. (he’s aware of them btw).

    Ive chatted about this with another gf that has had bulimia for over the same period of time. I think hers is more under ctrl than mine, but she states the same problem with her boy vs. when shes alone. I wonder what causes this loss of focus on our ends whenever we’re with them.

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