It’s the Day After Thanksgiving and for Once I Didn’t Puke

Yup, I have finally managed to go a Thanksgiving day without throwing up at around 2 AM.

Every year, I face the challenge of controlling myself over the course of the two Thanksgiving dinners I have – mine and the BF’s. To the strong-willed, this would be no problem. But place that plate of turkey and mashed potatoes in front of me a second time and, even as my stomach is about to burst, I just can’t resist.

I think what saved me this year was my recent return to vegetarianism. I know turkey is a fairly low-cal option, but it’s not just the turkey that I refused this year. At my Nana’s (Thanksgiving round one), I didn’t have the stuffing, gravy or any rolls (not a vegetarian problem, but still significant). I made sure to pile my plate with veggies, and only went back for seconds to get more of my stuffed acorn squash. I even managed to restrain myself at Mike’s, where I had a second plate but only indulged in a small piece of ice cream pie (come on, irresistible) and a pizzelle for desert.

I will admit that things got a little hairy at my friend’s house later, where I had a string cheese, a Babybell cheese thing, some Chex Mix and a piece of blueberry pie with ice cream.

But I didn’t puke! So it’s all okay.

How did you do this Thanksgiving? Any other strong-willed ladies out there dealing with multiple dinners?

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